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Caregivers do more than just look after their patients and attend to their needs. They nurture, and foster a bond that makes them almost a part of the

family. Sometimes, they provide more than what is required of them.

Many patients spend a majority of the last years of their lives with their caregivers, so it is important for families to find home health aides who will

treat their loved ones like their own.


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$ These are some of the important qualities that one should look for in a capable caregiver.



1: a good caregiver knows how to empathize.


To give the patient the best care possible, it is important for a caregiver to have a personal understanding of and connection with what his or her patient

is going through. Being able to empathize allows the caregiver to put himself or herself in the patient’s shoes, and identify and ease the patient’s fears

or discomfort.



2: a good caregiver is patient and flexible.


Patience and flexibility are qualities that every person in the caregiving industry must possess. There’ll be many hurdles along the way–the patient is

being stubborn and uncooperative, the schedule doesn’t go as planned, or difficult situations arise. A caregiver who is very rigid will find it challenging

to deal with these circumstances in a positive way.

3: a good caregiver is passionate about what he or she does.



What makes caregivers good is the passion for what they do. This means that they are not only in it for the compensation but genuinely care for people

in need. A passionate caregiver tries to prepare for possible difficulties that his or her patient might experience and takes the necessary measures to

make things easier.

Caregivers who are passionate about their jobs are happy with what they do, and this becomes evident in how they deal with their patients, who in turn

will respond positively to their enthusiastic and lively attitude. Moreover, these caregivers are constantly looking for ways to improve how they perform

their jobs, and ultimately, to make the lives of their patients better.



4: a good caregiver is attentive and responds to situations in a timely manner.



A patient, especially the elderly, needs constant care and attention. It’s the caregiver’s job, therefore, to be attuned to those needs even if the patient

doesn’t or is unable to communicate them. Paying close attention to the patient’s needs is also crucial because in many cases, the patient is unaware that

they require help from their caregivers, and with little or no warning, the caregiver must respond to those needs to avoid untoward events.

5: a good caregiver puts the needs of his or her patient first and is able to take charge when necessary.



A good caregiver knows that it is her or her role to make sure that the needs of the patient are met. But there are times when circumstances and even

people, including the patient’s family, make it difficult for the patient to receive the care he or she needs. When this happens, the caregiver must put

the patient’s welfare first and he or she should be able to take charge and do everything possible for the patient to receive the required attention.

6: a good caregiver is a good communicator.



Good communication is key in all successful relationships and this is especially true when it comes to the relationship a caregiver has with his or her

patient and the patient’s family as well.

Being able to communicate crucial details regarding the patient’s care in clear and simple terms fosters understanding and trust. This helps the caregiver

perform his or her job better.