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Dietitian/ Nutritionist

Consuming the right balance of nutrients can help maintain a healthful lifestyle.  healthy diet helps in lubricating joints

helping organs produce hormones

enabling the body to absorb certain vitamins

reducing inflammation

preserving brain health






$ Characteristics of a Dietician and nutritionist


Qualities a Dietitian Should Have

list of 5 items

• Compassionate Thinker

• Problem Solver

• Good Listener

• Flexible

• Communicator

list end

1. Compassionate Thinker


One of the top skills that a successful dietitian has is that he or she is a compassionate thinker. Many people do not seek out dietitians on their own.

They only make an appointment after getting a referral from a doctor. Doctors often recommend that patients speak to a dietitian after suffering a stroke

or a heart attack and after a recent diagnosis of diabetes or a similar medical condition. Dietitians must think compassionately and know how to think

as their clients do. This will help clients build a better relationship with them.



2. Problem Solver


When a new client schedules an appointment, he or she may not want to follow a new diet. That individual can claim that he or she already eats healthy

and decide now to follow a new plan or program. Dietitians must know how to look critically at problems and come up with effective solutions. A dietitian

is responsible for finding solutions to some of the issues that patients face such as not having access to fresh produce or living in a home that lacks

a proper stove and oven.



3. Good Listener


Dietitians/ Nutritionist can sometimes function as counsellors for their clients. A new client may feel frustrated about a recent diagnosis and want to vent those frustrations

to others. Someone with a new diabetes diagnosis may also feel scared and worried that he or she cannot stick to a new diet plan. One of the most successful

characteristics that dietitians have today is the ability to listen to clients without passing judgment. They cannot simply tell clients what to do because

they must also explain why their suggestions are the best options.


4. Communicator


Another quality that all successful dietitians/ nutritionists share is that they are all good communicators. They must work with patients and clients in the same way

that a doctor would. New patients will likely have questions about their medical conditions and want someone who can answer their questions and soothe

their worries and concerns. Dietitians may also need to work with the loved ones of those clients too. The client’s family and friends will likely want

to know what they can do to help. Dietitians must also explain the risk factors of not following a healthy diet plan.