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We focus on giving quality and inventive consideration by encouraging an agreeable, private and expert climate.
HAREKRISHNA WH CARE SERVICES is established on 26th January 2017. ISO Certified 9001-2015. We are working for providing services like Nursing care, adult care, caregiver, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, Dietitian and Nutritionist, Doctors, and Yoga therapy.

All HKWHCS Home Care health care professionals/ partners are certified caregivers and are selected after several rounds of screening processes including undergoing thorough background verification, before undergoing an intensive training program.

We providing following home services:
Care Giver, Nursing Care, Adult Care, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech therapy, Dietician and nutritionist, Yoga Therapy and doctors.

Presently we are available in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Panvel and New Panvel.

Yes, in near future we will be adding more cities to deliver our services.

We understand that every request is unique and our health care professionals are qualified to assess the situation to identify the care needs of the patient. we provide following services day/ night or 24 hrs. support: Care Giver, Nursing Care and adult/elderly Care.

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Home health care — frequently referred to simply as "home health" — is skilled care delivered directly to a patient's home. This type of care is provided by licensed medical/ para-medical professionals including nurses, Doctors, therapists, and aides for the purpose of treating or managing an illness, injury, or medical condition.

The primary benefit of home health care is that it can be delivered directly to the patient's residence, whether it be a private home, adult foster home, assisted living or residential care facility, memory care facility, or long-term nursing home. Additional benefits of home health care include: Faster recuperation and recovery from illness or injury, Improved independence [over time], Maintaining or improving of current condition or level of function, regaining of self-sufficiency in the home, Slowing of the decline of serious conditions, better symptom management

Home health care is designed to help the patient rest, recover, and receive treatment in the comfort of their own home or residence. Services provided by home health care are offered with the goal of helping the patient regain independence to become as self-sufficient as possible while also managing their disease or condition.

nursing care. These services may include the following:
Taking the patient's vitals, administering pain medication, completing medical treatments, Recording symptoms in a journal. Oral and personal hygiene, feeding and bathroom assistance, or assistance with mobility, Caring and dressing wounds, handling IV infusions and other medical equipment, emptying catheter bags, colostomy bags and bedpans.
In addition to these simple tasks, a home health nurse helps facilitate communication between the patient's physician and caregivers. Continuity of care is extremely important, and a home health nurse helps keep the lines of communication open, helping teach all involved parties how to properly manage the patient's condition. visit here

Consuming the right balance of nutrients can help maintain a healthful lifestyle. healthy diet helps in lubricating joints helping organs produce hormones enabling the body to absorb certain vitamins reducing inflammation preserving brain health. We provide qualified dietician and nutritionist who can suit your needs. visit here

Whether it’s because of injury, illness, or old age, occupational therapy can be invaluable. For people who need it, occupational therapy can make a huge difference in everyday life and navigating even the simplest of tasks. Occupational therapy is a form of help that can allow patients to become more independent in their own homes. These daily occupations can become difficult as you age or if you suffer from an injury or illness. In addition, occupational therapy can help children and adults adapt to changes that will allow them to integrate into social situations. visit here

By preventing, assessing, diagnosing and treating speech disorders—including language, communication, cognitive and swallowing disorders, speech therapy is an essential component to the home health model of care.
Often times, patients experience an inability to talk and communicate, difficulty swallowing or poor memory and disorientation. To address these issues, speech therapy focuses on the following areas. COMMUNICATION, SWALLOWING, COGNITIV visit here

After medical help, we require support for daily activities and a home caretaker provides comprehensive support at home. Trained attendants often known as caregivers offer reliable assistance that a patient needs. Improving patient care has become a priority with the overall objective of achieving a high degree of patient satisfaction.
We teach our non-medical attendants [care taker] to empathize with the condition of the patient and be sensitive to their needs. Not only do they help the patient with mobility, personal care, toileting and meals but our in-home patient attendants also act as companions to them. Having a health caretaker at home also means you get support services like cleaning dishes, washing patient’s clothes, maintaining patient’s room and supplies as per need. visit here

A-elderly/ adult Care has designed a care package to support those who have their elderly loved ones living alone or required assistance for daily activities, and their children staying away from their homes. You notice that your elders need somebody with them always to manage everyday mundane tasks. We go through your options and work with you to create a care plan for your loved ones. They experience improved quality of life and enjoy independence in their residence.
You have peace of mind knowing they’re utterly safe and well cared for by experts from elderly/ adult is special Senior Citizen Care Organization. We Provide Elderly Care and design special plans for the elderly. visit here

Physiotherapy involves the holistic approach to the prevention, diagnosis and therapeutic management of pain, disorders of movement or optimization of function to enhance the health and welfare of the community from an individual or population perspective. Our domiciliary physiotherapists will come to your door and help put your mind at rest. We will be able to answer your questions, and check that everything is going as expected. This peace of mind can help you rest and recover so you are ready to do your exercises feeling safe and confident. visit here

The advancement in modern technology has become a boon to this situation. Home Doctor Service is one such service that brings a professional medical service in the comfort of your home. It is one of the major breakthroughs in home health care services.
Benefits of Home Visit Doctor Services:
Flexible and Well-Suited Services, No Waiting in queues, Personalized Care, Time Constraint, Convenience, Ideal for elderly patients. visit here

Empowering: Yoga therapy teaches tools to help people feel empowered to move beyond suffering, feeling better in their bodies and minds. Unlike practitioners of many other modalities, a yoga therapist doesn’t do something to the individual but instead teaches individuals how to help themselves.
Individuals: Yoga therapy is often done one-to-one or in small groups of people with a similar concern (like depression or stroke recovery).
Improved health and well-being: Yoga therapists look at the whole person, including health conditions, personality, emotions, stress levels, energy levels, family and social life, and what brings them joy and fulfillment. This whole-person perspective enables the client to experience wellness in not just the physical body but also mental, emotional, and energetic realms.
Teachings and practices of yoga: These include, but aren’t limited to, yoga poses, meditation and deep relaxation breathing practices, yoga philosophy visit here

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