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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a form of help that can allow patients to become more independent in their own homes. These daily occupations can become difficult as you age or if you suffer from an injury or illness. In addition, occupational therapy can help children and adults adapt to changes that will allow them to integrate into social situations.


Having an occupational therapist will mean you can benefit from occupational therapy home health assessments. This allows therapist to tailor a plan that will improve daily activities.


therapist will also offer recommendations for equipment and training and be able to guide your relatives and caregivers in how they can help you.


What Occupational Therapist Does

The role of occupational therapist will be to assess your situation and develop a plan that allows you to thrive as well as you can. therapist will need to help you to manage daily activities without any risk of injury.


Allowing you to manage your activities will depend on your illness or injury, your home environment, and your abilities. The main aim will be to provide you with positive and encouraging experiences.


For example, occupational therapists often work with elderly people with rheumatoid arthritis. This often means having to make adaptions in the home to make tasks easy. Handrails or bath rails are often put in place to make washing easier but there is a range of other types of equipment that could be useful, depending on the patient.


It can also mean that patients have difficulty sleeping well. occupational therapist will be able to offer relaxation techniques and help you to adjust your sleeping habits. You’ll also be shown some handy tips for conserving energy.


Patients may also need help with getting out and socializing in the community. An occupational therapist will need to seek out the right resources to ensure patients can live their lives to the full.